About Us

Magick Crystal Garden was founded in May 2020 in the beginning of COVID-19 on Etsy. I, Amanda Perry am the owner and founder of Magick Crystal Garden. I'm 27 a Gemini sun, Cancer moon and Taurus raising. Im come from a multi cultural background. I run my small online business full time and handle these beautiful earth treasures with love, care and intent. In 2020, after the massive layoff of thousands of people jobs due to COVID-19 I decided to take matters into my own hands and walk away from my baking and pastry background to follow my dreams in becoming an entrepreneur and working with crystal everyday!

My collection was growing more and more over the years. One thing lead to another and I decided to start sourcing from all over the world to make these earth treasures accessible to you. Some of you may see me in the Florida area attending crystal shows, psychic fairs or farmers markets along with my amazing supportive husband Miguel. If it weren't for all the support and help of Miguel it would be nearly impossible to get where I am today. 

Over the few years I have develops close relationships with reliable sources and suppliers from all over the world. From the USA, Brazil, Madagascar, China, Ethiopia, Peru and many more locations throughout the world. I prefer quality over quantity and make it my mission to provide the highest quality, authentic, and rare materials. All pieces are hand selected with positive intuitive intent for every piece to find its new home providing exactly what the customers needs in that moment.