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Blue Chalcedony Palm Stone

Blue Chalcedony Palm Stone

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You will receive this exact Blue Chalcedony Palm Stone!


Weight: 2.6oz
Length: 2.1"
Width: 1.1"
Height: .9"


Origin: China

About Blue Chalcedony:


-Chalcedony comes from the Latin word chalcedonius, which is derived from the Greek khalkedon.

-Chalcedony was found at the ancient Greek maritime town of Chalcedon, on the Bosporus straight in Asia Minor (modern-day Turkey).

-Blue Chalcedony is one of the most ancient gemstones and has been used for cameo and intaglio carvings, as well as sculptural carvings.

-All forms of chalcedony are created naturally through the growth of the two silica minerals: quartz and moganite.  

-Agate, onyx, mtorolite, heliotrope, carnelian, and chrysoprase, amongst a great many others, all belong in the chalcedony family.


Metaphysical Properties:

-Stimulates the Throat Chakra & Third Eye Chakra

-Aids with communicating ideas, feelings and beliefs

-Helps with feelings of self doubt

-Brings in calming and soothing energy

-Helps with anxiety, worry, anger and fear

-Encourages us to be more friendly and open

-Inspires creativity especially for writers


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