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Clear Quartz Geometric Cut

Clear Quartz Geometric Cut

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You will receive this exact Clear Quartz Geometric Cut!


Weight: 3.8oz

Length: 1.8"

Width: 1.8"

Height: 1.6"


About Clear Quartz:

-In ancient times, Clear Quartz was believed to be ice that never melted. The Greek word for crystal, krystallos, means ice.

-In Rome, the belief that Quartz was permanently frozen ice inspired the Romans to carve spheres or rings out of Quartz to give a “cooling” effect during warm months.

-Much work was done on colors and prisms, thanks to Sir Isaac Newton and a natural Quartz crystal. He discovered that refracting sunlight through the quartz allowed him to study the colors of the rainbow in great detail.

-Also, Quartz is piezoelectric and pyroelectric, which means it can turn pressure or heat into electromagnetic energy. It is used today in all sorts of functions, such as watches, microphones, computer chips and other electronic circuitry.

Metaphysical Properties:

-Stimulates the Crown and Third Eye Chakra

-Known as "The Master Healer"

-Amplifies healing energy

-Dispels negative energy and entities

-Purify spiritually, mentally, and physically

-Protects against EMF radiation

-Clears and quiets the mind

-Cleanses the aura

-Great for manifesting and channeling energy

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