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Dogtooth Calcite Specimen

Dogtooth Calcite Specimen

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You will receive this exact Dogtooth Calcite Specimen!

Weight: 4.7oz
Width: .6"
Height: .2"

About Dogtooth Calcite:

-Dogtooth Calcite also known as dog-tooth spar is a speleothem or cave formation.

-This mineral tends to be made up of large crystals which can be very sharp.

-The name "Dogtooth" Calcite came about because of the resemblance to dogs' teeth.

-The crystals in dogtooth calcite grow very slowly over long periods of time. They usually grow in large open cavities often underground in limestone caves. They can also be found in veins, fractures and geodes.

Metaphysical Properties:

-Stimulates the Root Chakra

-Known as an energy amplifier

-Great for meditating and quieting the mind

-Brings peace and harmony

-Helps with daily stress

-Removes negativity

-Releases blockages

-Releases attachments to the past

-Encourges new beginnings and change

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