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Faden Quartz Raw Cluster

Faden Quartz Raw Cluster

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You will receive this exact Faden Quartz Raw Cluster!


Weight: 2.8oz
Length: 3" 
Width: 1.6"
Height: 1.9"


About Faden Quartz:

-"Faden” means “thread” and refers to a white line that runs through the crystal.

-Faden Quartz forms in fissures in the host rock that widen slowly and steadily.

-Quartz crystals inside the host rock will rupture when the fissure opens.

-In a silica rich solution, this rupture will heal quickly, forming a crystal that is attached to the opposing rock walls and bridges the new opening

-While the fissure continues to open steadily, the crystal will also continue to crack and heal.

-The repeated rupturing and healing leaves a scar of liquid and gas inclusions in the crystal: a white thread, the “faden”.


Metaphysical Properties:

-Stimulates ALL the Chakras

-Helps one gain clarity & focus

-Aids one in connecting with their Higher Self & Spirit Guides

-Heals & repairs the spiritual and physical body

-Aids in astral travel & lucid dreaming

-Forms a stronger connection between two people

-Known as the self-healing crystal (due to its growing process)

-Protects against negativity & removes blockages

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