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RARE Astrophyllite Specimen - B

RARE Astrophyllite Specimen - B

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You will receive this exact RARE Astrophyllite Specimen!

Weight: 6.1oz
Length: 3.5"
Width: 2.2"
Height: 1.5"

About Astrophyllite:

-Astrophyllite is very rare stone the forms golden blades that radiate outwards like a star.

-Its name comes from the Greek astron meaning star and phyllon meaning leaf.

-Astrophyllite was first found in 1844 by the Norwegian mineralogist Paul Christian Weibye. He described it as brown glimmer or brauner glimmer.

-Ten years later, it was named Astrophyllite by Carl Johan August Theodor Scheerer who described its properties.

-Astrophyllite is only found in a very few places around the globe such as Russia, Greenland, China, Norway, and the United States.

-It is not a self-sufficient mineral meaning that it must exist inside another mineral deposit and is very rare and difficult to mine without damaging.


Metaphysical Properties:

-Stimulates the Crown Chakra & Root Chakra

-Known as the "Gateway to the stars"

-Enhances psychic abilities & intuition 

-Helps one come to terms & accept with their past

-Aids with overcoming addiction 

-Radiates positive energy due to its "golden star" like pattern

-Brings a balance of spiritual connection while keeping one grounded in the physical

-Aids in finding ones true purpose and potential


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