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RARE High Quality Amphibole Quartz - A

RARE High Quality Amphibole Quartz - A

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You will receive this exact RARE High Quality Amphibole Quartz!

Weight: 2.5oz
Length: 3.4"
Width: .9"
Height: .7"


About Amphibole Quartz:

-Amphibole Quartz also known as Angel Phantom Quartz, is an incredibly rare and wildly beautiful crystal that can only be found in one place in Brazil.

-It is a special type of included Quartz that features minerals that are considered to be part of the Amphibole supergroup

-The word 'Amphibole' comes from the Greek word 'amphibolos', meaning "ambiguous".

-These minerals grow in prism, spray, or needle-like crystals composed of double chain SiO4 tetrahedra. They include Actinolite, Richterite, Tremolite, and Hornblende, plus Hematite, Limonite, Kaolinite, and Lithium.

Metaphysical Properties:

-Third Eye, Crown, Root and Sacral Chakra influence

-Connecting to the Angelic Realms

-Expands consciousness

-Increases intuition

-Heals past traumas

-Encourages creativity

-Become in tuned with your sexuality

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