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Scolecite Palm Stone

Scolecite Palm Stone

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You will receive this exact Scolecite Palm Stone!

Weight: 1.7oz
Millimeters: 56.4mm


About Scolecite:

-Scolecite was first reported in 1813 by A.F. Gehlan and J.N. Fuchs in Germany, and was named for the Greek word meaning “worm”.

-This was referring to the stones tendency to curl when heated with a blowtorch. Scolecite is formed in slender prismatic crystals and is also found in abundance in large masses.

-It ranges in color from white, pink, purple, yellow, and red to even colorless.

-Scolecite can be found in very rare crystal forms in Iceland and very few parts of India, but can be found in masses all across the globe including USA, Europe, and Africa.


Metaphysical Properties:

-Stimulates the Crown and Third Eye Chakras

-Known as the 'Stone of Inner Peace'

-Brings calming and healing energy

-Great for meditating and quieting the mind

-Enhances psychic abilities and intuition

-Assists with lucid dreaming and astral travel

-Assists with dream recall

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